Hailing from Dustbowl, Alberta, Roots-rockers Punch Drunk Cabaret mixes up a potent cocktail of rockabilly, outlaw country and steampunk swing, then delivers it with all the raw energy of AC/DC. Sharply dressed like early century snake oil salesmen, the trio has earned rave reviews for their dancefloor packin’, crowd participating live shows that attract an incredibly wide range of music fans. This is evidenced by the fact the band has continually been a fan favourite at Roots, Country, Blues and Rock festivals.

Despite their rockabilly/country/swing traditions, Punch Drunk Cabaret is no nostalgia act. Singer/guitarist Bandmeister Randy B fronts the trio like a home-brewed concoction of Stray Cat Brian Setzer and Tom Waits, while Sawbones Grant is one of the few 12 string bass players on the continent. (yes you read that right…twelve string bass!) The rhythm section is rounded out by stand-up drummer extraordinaire Capt. Sean E Watts. The band’s set list features a winning mix of originals you swear you’ve heard before and cover songs like you’ve never heard before.

Punch Drunk Cabaret released their debut album in 2011, supported by two music videos highlighting the band’s high energy live show. In 2014, PDC released their much anticipated second album entitled the Juke Joint Revival Hour, produced by Juno award winning engineer Ross Nykiforuk of Sheepdogs/ Northern Pikes fame garnering international radio play. Strictly focusing on live dates throughout 2015, Punch Drunk Cabaret continue to prove they are a one-of-a-kind act on the rise.