Visit photographer Brian Zahorodniuk’s photo galleries for our great history of festivals since 2008

Saturday 2012 Part One – Includes Lynne Chwyl, Jeremy Kornel, Collective West, Katie Anderson, Magnolia Buckskin, Terry Thrasher, Kim Maskell, Punch Drunk Cabaret as well a cool pics of vendors, dancing, lovely friends, face painting and bouncy castle!

Friday 2012 – Youth at the Blues, hosted by Bill Bonnah. Includes The Archaics, Rebecca Lappa, Jordan KaminskiJames of Dark Wood, Last Chance Hollywood, Good Morning Groove, Zak Smith, Yikes, Take to the Skies.

The evening finished out with Giselle Boehm Band and 100 Mile House.

Sunday 2011 – Includes Rita McDade, Kessler Douglas Band, Agnostic-Phibes Rhythm & Blood Conspiracy, Trevor McNeely, Marshall Lawrence, Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer, NEK Trio, Ridley Bent, Breezy Brian Gregg, Kirby Sewell Band, and Monkey Junk

Saturday 2011 – Joe Nolan, Lyra Brown & Brian McLeodRuth Purves-Smith & the 581, Braden Gates. Insomnia, Ky Babyn, Ray Gun Cowboys, Shred Kelly, Jordan Kaminski, Bill Durst Band, Colin Linden Band, 

Friday 2011 – Youth at the Blues includes James of Dark Wood, Mirror Image, Terminal Outcome, Consillience, Flug Muggit, Scaring Steven, Gisselle Boehm, Scenic Route to Alaska, Rebecca Lappa, DRT, Suzie McLean, Campus Thieves

Sunday, 2010 – Greg Zawaski, NoFoolin!, Erin Faught, The Smokin 45’s, Adam Holm, Blue Gator (Wayne Alchin), Harpdog Brown with Graham Guest, Darrell Barr, Cousin Harley, Amos Garrett Band

Sunday 2009 – Marshall Lawrence, Kalsey Kulyk, Raygun Cowboys, Boogie Patrol, Jodie

Saturday 2009 – Bobby Cameron with Graham Guest