Lynne Chwyl Band at The 2017 Beaumont Blues

Ben Sures in the Lynne Chwyl Band at Beaumont Blues 2017Lead/Rythm Guitar: Ben Sures

Ben Sures has been playing guitar with people since the early 90s. He has played and or recorded with Paul Reddick, Harpdog Brown, Rita Chiarelli, Tim Williams, Rusty Reed, Backalley John, Corin Raymond, Maggie Mae, Big Dave McLean, Dave Mowat and many more. His electric guitar style can best be described as sloppy and old fashioned with a traditional raw tube style guitar tone.

Drums: Dean PiernoDean Pierno with The Lynne Chwyl Band at Beaumont Blues 2017

Dean Pierno, drummer, percussionist, bandleader, has been making his living in music for over 30 years. Having recently moved back to Edmonton, Dean’s musical journey has included gigs and performances with Tommy Banks, Gary Guthman (Harry James Tribute),The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Don Rickles Orchestra, The Louie Armstrong Tribute, Ekos (Edmonton Kiwanis) Singers, Ian Stewart, Ashley MacIsaac, The Legendary Platters, Andrew Glover, Tyler Hamilton, Edmonton Musical Theater, Bjorn Thoroddsen (Iceland guitarist) and Rollanda Lee, just to name a few. Fluent in all styles of music, Dean is passionate about providing the perfect groove for any song.

Jeff Bartlett with The Lynne Chwyl Band at Beaumont Blues 2017Bass: Jeff Bartlett

Jeff started playing at 19 years old and toured professionally from 1982-1993 playing in country bands, rock bands, dance bands, and top 40 bands. He has played with Vancouver recording act “Juan Trak”, and has toured and recorded on his first album with Bobby Cameron. Jeff has also played with blues legend “Studebaker John”. Jeff is a working member of several local Edmonton bands, including the Joint Chiefs.


Keyboards: Dennis MeneelyDennis Meneely with The Lynne Chwyl Band at Beaumont Blues 2017

Since Dennis Meneely’s first band ‘Why Us’ in 1965, his musical journey has included numerous bands, musicians, recordings, and tours. Dennis recorded his first single at 18 in Clovis, New Mexico, with producer Norman Petty (Buddy Holly, The Fireballs). Since then he has played with some of Canada’s most respected bands and alongside some of the world’s more recognized artists, opening in the early days for ‘The Tom Northcott Trio’ , The Guess Who, The Youngbloods, Witness Inc., The Fireballs, Lighthouse, Crowbar, Whisky Howl, and King Biscuit Boy. In the following decades, Dennis was a member of ‘The Kenny Shields Band (Streethart) ‘, ‘Toronto with Holly Woods’ and Tacoy Ryde/Jato doing shows with artists as varied as Joan Jett, The Third World Band, Steel Pulse, The Soweto Gospel Choir and Royal Southern Brotherhood, and performing at numerous Canadian festivals featuring Canada’s most revered acts (Chilliwack, Headpins, Trooper, The Tragically Hip, Monkey Junk, Big Sugar, and more.) Now as a veteran, Dennis freelances locally and regionally with a new generation of artists such as Angela Mackenzie, Paula Perro, and Lynne Chwyl. In addition, Dennis is looking forward to finishing his current recording project under his own banner.